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MPU Cares about Students' Psychological Wellbeing and Co-Builds Healthy Campus

The Personality Dimensions® Workshop effectively promotes mutual understanding among students.

To promote the physical and mental health of students and increase their capacity to resist stress, cultivate good psychological quality and guide the establishment of correct values, the Student Affairs Office of Macau Polytechnic University (MPU) organised a series of “Soul Recharge Station” activities. The aim of the activities is to strengthen students' psychological resilience and emotional management, which can help to establish a positive ideological attitude and create harmonious and mutual love, and a sunny and energetic high-quality campus life.

The theme of the "Soul Recharge Station" series of activities is closely related to life, and the content is closely related to the needs of MPU students: personal development, personality perspective, self-stress testing and mental health first aid, etc. Activities include case sharing, group discussion, role-playing, reflective learning and others to arouse students' attention to mental health. Chio, who majored in computing, said that the activity is very practical, allowing him to understand the personality characteristics of himself and others, to realize that there is a close relationship between personality characteristics and behavioral performance, and to learn how to communicate and understand better, thereby promoting the harmonious development of interpersonal relationships. Liu, a social work student, said that the activities help promote personal growth, as well as the ability to solve problems bravely in the face of adversity, and cultivate an optimistic and positive attitude. In the future, he will also apply what he has learned with empathy and kindness to communicate with those in need.

Macau Polytechnic University has always paid attention to the whole-person development of students, encouraging students to actively participate in social services, and continues to deliver positive energy of campus care to students. Through the organization of “Peer Support Programme”, “MPU Charitable Fellowship Programme”, “Soul Recharge Station” series activities, and so on, students can learn about themselves from different perspectives, develop good interpersonal relationships, inherit caring hearts, and become young talents with excellent character and social responsibility.

Students actively participate in Mental Health First Aid course.


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