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Macao Polytechnic University Organise Charitable Fellowship Programme to Spread Love to the Society

Macao Polytechnic University students paid a visit to the Hoi Fai Life Education Resource Centre, operated by Macau Caritas.

To cultivate a sense of responsibility and mission, raise awareness of care for the community and encourage students to serve the society, Macao Polytechnic University’s Student Affairs Office organised the MPU Charitable Fellowship Programme, which brought students into the community and actively participated in experiential learning. In this activity, students visited the Hoi Fai Life Education Resource Centre of Macau Caritas and Chong Wing Centre of Macau Association of the Hearing Impaired. They also participated in the Stand with Darkness Workshop and Sign Language Workshop. The events were well loved by the students, and they were deeply impressed.

Ms. Yin, a student who joined the Stand with Darkness Workshop stated that the travel difficulties faced by the visually impaired are difficult for people to understand. To reduce the hassles, they will try to avoid travelling alone, which indirectly leads to the deprivation of their social rights. The public should be more considerate and provide the greatest assistance possible to improve the treatment and rights of the underprivileged. Ms Sam, a student who participated in the Sign Language Workshop, stated that silence is the public stereotype of the hearing-impaired, but after communicating with them, she found that they are very keen to express themselves and are willing to open their hearts and contact the outside world. She was even touched by their enthusiasm. In the future, she wanted to deepen her sign language learning, contribute to the hearing-impaired community, and promote community inclusion and equality.

Macao Polytechnic University has always attached great importance to students’ holistic development. The Student Affairs Office actively holds the MPU Charitable Fellowship Programme every academic year to encourage students to participate in the community and serve the society, broaden their learning experience, influence life with life, contribute their strength and sow the seeds of love and care to the community.

Macao Polytechnic University students actively participated in the impactful Stand with Darkness Workshop.

Macao Polytechnic University students enthusiastically took part in the insightful Sign Language Workshop.


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