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MPU Fellowship Rules

Article 1

The founding of fellowships is aimed at supporting the local students who find themselves and their families in financially challenging situations to enroll in and study the bachelor’s degree programmes of Macao Polytechnic University so that those students can better complete their studies.

Article 2

1. These Rules are applicable to the undergraduates of the bachelor’s degree programmes of Macao Polytechnic University (hereinafter referred to as the “University”).

2. These Rules are applicable to those matters related to the fellowships offered for the undergraduates of the bachelor’s degree programmes of the University.

Article 3

1. A fellowship may have its own statute with stipulations on the following matters:

(1) Eligibility criteria;

(2) Application method;

(3) Fellowship amount;

(4) Recipient quota;

(5) Evaluation method;

(6) Means of distribution;

(7) Conditions of renewal (if applicable);

(8) Termination (if applicable);

(9) Other regulations to be complied with (if applicable);

(10) Other related matters not mentioned in these Rules.

2. For those fellowships requiring the submission of applications, a student may apply by submitting a duly completed form designated for this purpose with the relevant supporting documents to the Student Affairs Office during the specified period of time. Those applications which are submitted late or without all the necessary documents will not be accepted.

Article 4

1. The fellowship recipients should comply with the following obligations:

(1) Abide by the laws and regulations of the Macao Special Administrative Region, and the rules and regulations as well as the instructions issued by the University;

(2) Participate in the activities organised by the University;

(3) Comply with the stipulations of the relevant fellowship statutes.

2. The fellowship applicants should ensure that their application information is complete and correct; if any misrepresentation, false statement or missing information is found while a student is applying for a fellowship or receiving the fellowship money, his or her status as fellowship recipient will be terminated immediately and the fellowship amount received during that period must be returned. Moreover, the student in question needs to bear the corresponding civil and criminal legal consequences.


This English version is a translation of the original regulations in Chinese. Should there be any discrepancies between the two versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.


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