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Kong Jia Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing

2018年10月27日,有幸與理工學院的朋友們一起參加了Macao Running Man這個活動。



感謝2018Macao Running Man 帶給我的一切希望,2019Macao Running Man ,我們,不見不散。

Hu Qianyi Bachelor of Arts in Chinese-English Translation and Interpretation

I am greatly honored to take part in the Macao Running Man held by the Student Affairs Office this year. Together with my team members, we went to many places of interest in Macao and enjoyed the most joyful food from the dim sum restaurant. I really enjoyed it.

The most impressive thing I got from this activity is the unity of the whole team. Two of the team leaders were responsible for their jobs. Moreover, under the guidance of them, the whole team were very united: we went everywhere together, made decisions together, and conquered many difficulties together. The most impressive thing for me is finding the dining place in the afternoon. We came across many ideas about good restaurants; however, when we went there, all of the restaurants were full of people. Therefore, we had to change to other places. Luckily, we found a very good place from the direction by the team leader and had a good lunch there. Not only did we solve the problem one by one but we also enhanced our relationship on that day. We came from different majors and did not know each other before; however, through the activities, we knew each other better and enjoyed our time then. I found all the games were very interesting. In addition, I like finding the places shown in the pictures the most, because I found most of them were very hard and difficult to find, which brought us a lot of happiness to find them. We all enjoyed spending time, and eventually we made it not only by ourselves but also we tried our best to have good communication with the staff who are working there. So not only did we find the right place, but also, we improved our ability in talking with people.

I really want to appreciate the Student Affairs Office for holding the event and letting us join in and make friends with each other, which is very precious. Moreover, I do like the games and the different spots that were organized for us to visit, so that we have an opportunity to know more about Macao. Finally, we have other good things to do during our times in the university.

Fan Dini Bachelor of Arts in Music





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