I would like to thank Macao Polytechnic Institute and Leiria Polytechnic Institute for giving me a precious opportunity to visit Portugal for clinical placement. I am so glad to have this chance.

In the first three weeks, I went to Centro Hospitalar de São Francisco for my clinical practice, which includes operating room and emergency room. It is a precious opportunity to practice there. 

I practiced many nursing skills such as intramuscular injection, wound care, blood sampling, removing sutures and staples by using sterile technique, etc. And in the last three weeks, I went to 

Centro de Saúde de Arnaldo Sampaio; I participated in many projects in this health centre. I went to school to teach about health and also had home visits. In school, I went to three classes; their age was mainly around 12-18 years old, and the topics included exploring one's own personality, drugs and tobacco abuse. 

Moreover, I did home visits many times. Most of the home-care patients have pressure ulcers, and some of them have infectious wounds and urinary catheter; as a nurse, we have to manage the wounds and decide the dressing, and also we have to know about the emotions of the patients, in order to find out the best solutions for them. I also joined an activity which was for the mothers who can share their experiences of raising a baby. All the above experiences helped me to gain a lot of knowledge that I cannot learn from books. At last, all people in Leiria are very nice and all of them are very friendly, and I will never forget them. It is a great chance to learn Portuguese there and to exchange our cultures.

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