Lânia Vanneza Costa Fernandes


My name is Lania Fernandes, from Praia, Cabo Verde. I have graduated from Business Administration Gaming and Recreation Management at MPI.

When I decided to come to Macau for my studies, I was little apprehensive at first, to come to a totally strange and unfamiliar place where the language and culture are totally different when compared to my own. And study a different major which I was not familiar with, it all was a new kind of adventure for me.

Travelling beyond Cape Verde's borders, getting to know new cultures, perfecting a new language, and improving knowledge are things I always wanted to do, and I'm glad I made it.

Coming here to study was like a project to reorganize, rethink, reinvent, and relearn, I was able to take advantage of everything.

In the beginning, it was a big challenge, because I didn't know anything here, not a single mall or supermarket. MPI helped us a lot, arranging some senior students to guide us, help us with the things we needed, and they were always there for us, to support us with everything we needed. The language and culture were something that I struggled with in the beginning, but again MPI helped us offering extracurricular classes, added to my effort I overcome that.

MPI organized several activities, and participating in those activities was extremely important for me to adapt and understand better how school and life in general works here. Taking part in those activities, I got to make very good friends. If there is one thing, I recommend for those who are planning on studying abroad it is to participate in the activities promoted by the university to integrate better. I still remember the first trip, the first egg tart we ate, the first Christmas party we had, these are memories I will take forever with me.

I consider Macau and MPI as my second home, all the people I've met, all the friendship I've made me feel secure and welcomed.

Now I know, I had nothing to be afraid of, the experience was worth it, living abroad brought me independence, and opened my mind.

It's true that initially, the adaptation process was very difficult. This is the first time that I left the comfort of my home and went through an abroad college demands, where classes were taught in English, it was all very impacting (positively), and with the help of others and lots of effort, I was able to succeed. Now I'm proud of myself.

I believe that one of the best aspects of studying abroad is the bonds we form. I met incredible people from all corners of the world. The exchange of cultural experiences is very enriching!

Living four years in total immersion in another culture was beyond anything I expected. It is an intense and meaningful experience. It is uncomfortable, it questions our truths, it misses us and forces us to deal with a thousand different emotions at the same time, but it changes our outlook on the world and ourselves, it is transformative. I mainly believe that this personal growth is priceless.

I say with certainty that it was very worthwhile.

Thank you for the opportunity!

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