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MPU Publishes Vol. 50 of Journal of One Country Two Systems Studies

MPU Publishes Vol. 50 of Journal of One Country Two Systems Studies

Macao Polytechnic University has published the new issue of the Journal of One Country Two Systems Studies (Vol. 50). This academic periodical published by the “One Country Two Systems” Research Centre of MPU aims at giving the public an insight into the “One Country, Two Systems” policy and establishing an academic platform for the study of “One Country, Two Systems”.

There are four sections in this volume: “Academic Monograph”, “Norm Analysis”, “Current Affairs and Policy Observation” and “Views and Voices”. The first section “Academic Monograph” includes the article “The Triple Mechanism of Supervision and Implementation of the Chinese Constitution and its Improvement” by Zhan Pengwei and Huang Mingjian, in which the authors discuss the specific logic of the triple mechanism in the implementation and supervision of the Constitution and clarify the effect and manner of implementation of the Constitution and the constitutional monitoring under the high degree of autonomy in the Special Administrative Regions.

The section “Norm Analysis” includes the articles “The Legislative Revision of the Right to Disgorgement in the Company Law of the People’s Republic of China” by Li Fei and Pang Qianyue, “The Exploration of the Constitution of Chinese Lawyers’ Code of Conduct from the Perspective of Norms” by Jiang Dengfeng and Tang Yanying, and “Unification of Fragmented Maritime Rules under the ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative and its Reference for China” by Chen Shi. The section “Current Affairs and Policy Observation” includes the articles “From Generalized Cooperation to Deep Cooperation: Thoughts on Promoting Guangdong-Macao Cooperation” by Lin Zhicong, Yang Zhengjie and Liang Yuqing, and “The Convergence of Guangdong and Macao Rules under the Background of the Innovative Governance Model of the Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin” by Li Yuxiao. The section “Views and Voices” includes the article “On the Rights Protection System in the Macao Special Administrative Region” by Zhang Yong. Some of these articles are studies on the construction of the rule of law of our country, while some are observations on Macao’s integration into the national development and regional cooperation. They are helpful in encouraging rational thinking on Macao’s role in the overall development of our country in the new era.

The Journal is now available at the MPU official website at; hardcopies can be purchased at Starlight Bookstore (MPU Branch), Plaza Cultural Macao and other places. We look forward to receiving contributions from local researchers and overseas scholars. Online submissions can be sent through the editorial platform For any enquiries, please email



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