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 “Global Gaming & Tourism Research” aims to promote the sustainable development of the gaming and tourism industry. In addition to providing support for science-based decision-making across the public and gaming sectors, this academic journal seeks to serve as an exchange platform for gaming and tourism research work. “Global Gaming & Tourism Research” covers such key areas as the development trend of the Macao and global gaming industries, evolution and trend of consumer preference among gaming tourists, responsible gaming theory and practice, tourist behaviour theory and case studies, and tourist destination management theory and practice, etc. Contributions by experts, scholars and industry practitioners are welcome.               

Ao Ieong U


Outshine with More Powerful Transformation


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Angela Leong


Promoting Diversified Economy Based on Truth, Goodness and Beauty


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Linda Chen


Aiming at Economic Diversification and Integration into the Great Bay Area


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Philip Cheng


Face up Challenges and Move forward Despite any Obstacles


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Wilfred Wong


Sharp Focus on Opportunities While Leading the Cultural Tourism Ecosystem


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Pansy Ho


edefine Tourists Experience and Promote Diversified Development


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Lawrence Ho


Understanding Individual Characteristics and the Regional Differences of Casino Visitors: A Case Study of Macao


To explore individual characteristics and the regional differences of casino visitors in terms of their betting frequencies, amount and intention across four jurisdictions, we conducted this study in Macao,the largest casino jurisdiction in the world,so as to picture the Chinese gamblers' behavioural profile. A total of 745 casino visitors in public areas near casinos in Macao completed a questionnaire survey. The results showed:male casino visitors were more likely to bet than female casino visitors;visitors aged 35~54 were more active in gambling than other age groups;visitors with low education level were more likely to spend more time on gambling;visitors from Guangdong spent more time on gambling than those from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan;Baccarat, Cussec, Slot Machines, and Blackjack were the four chosen games on which they spent the longest time. These findings not only would help deepen our understanding of the characteristics of gambling behaviors, but also provide useful insights and guidance for institutions to prevent and deal with gambling disorders.

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Fu Jia-Hui, Huang Guihai, Liang Zhu-Yuan, Zhang Chun, Rao Li-Lin, Li Shu


The Impact of Industrial Policy on Macao's Gambling Industry Life Cycle


Based on the historical experience, this paper analyzes the development of Macao's gambling industry and examines the impact on the industrial organization and market behaviour of this industry in different stages played by the industrial policies. The results showed that the industrial regulation has been an effective tool for the development of Macao's gambling industry in the past 400 years, affecting not only its market structure but also restraining its supply. Based upon this, the life cycle of Macao's gambling industry has formed its own development track under the influence of the industrial policy. Due to its unique nature, the effect of Macao gaming tax on its industry life cycle has been limited. Following this, the future development of Macao's gambling industry can be regulated by appropriate industrial policy instruments.

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Zhou Jinquan


Uncovering the Service Profit Chain in the Casino Industry


[Purpose]From a marketing and management perspective, reviews the relevant literature germane to casino studies. The review discusses the major findings from previous studies, provides a critique and identifies research gaps for future studies. In particular, the research foci presented in this paper rest on the service profit chain (SPC) model. The review involves studies relating to the constructs of the chain model and comprises sections that are categorized based on the internal link between management and employees, the interaction between casino service employees and customers, and the profitability link. [Design/Methodology/Approach] The approach employed in the current study involves a systematic review of the relevant academic literature with a focus on SPC studies in the casino industry, along with critical evaluation and analysis to identify research gaps. Google Scholar, EBSCOHost, Science Direct, Emerald, and other academic databases were used to search relevant studies relating to casino and gambling research streams.[Findings] The review identifies several research gaps on the basis of the SPC link. Specifically, internal service quality needs more attention from both the practice and research points of view. Casino employee research should be extended to include personal traits and characteristics that may contribute to employee performance and loyalty. In the interaction between casino service providers and gamblers, more studies should be undertaken on the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing initiatives and promotions. Externally, the paper points out that more appropriate measurement of customer loyalty and casino profitability should be explored. [Implications] his review provides references to focusing on key competitive advantages and presents guidelines on improving business growth and profitability for casino managers. The paper also identifies research areas that future studies should attend to. [Originality] The paper is the first thorough literature review of gaming research on marketing and management with a focus on the service profit chain model. This review represents a new era of gaming research, extending the problem gambling research focus into a broader scope embracing other disciplines.

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Catherine Prentice, IpKin Anthony Wong, Desmond Lam


An Assessment of the Impact of Japan 's Gaming Liberalization on Macao's Casino Industry


With its passage of the Integrated Resort Promotion Law in December 2016, Japan has initiated the process for introducing the casinos. Japan may have its first casino resort in the mid-2020s.Based upon the Law of Retail Gravitation, this paper analyzes the impact of Japanese casinos on Macao from the perspectives of distance and economies of scale. Following this, the most likely affected tourist markets of Macao would be the visitors from Japan, South Korea, and the northern China, whereas the impact on the tourists from Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Taiwan would be limited. According to the scenario analysis by Global Market Advisors, the impact on Macao gaming revenue would be around 3% to 6%.

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Zeng Zhonglu


A Study of the Convergence Trend of Gambling and Gaming


This paper mainly reviews and analyzes the characteristics of traditional gambling and gaming. In the meantime, the ongoing convergence of gambling and gaming has blurred the boundary between them. While the convergence of gambling and gaming is gamification of gambling, it also leads to gamblification of gaming. With the development of the Internet and new technologies, the convergence trend of gaming and gambling contributes to the convergence of gambling and video games, gambling and social network games, gambling and mobile games, and gambling and interactive TV games. These conversions have a positive impact on the expansion of the gambling and gaming markets, and the growing demand for leisure and entertainment. Despite these, it has raised new challenges to the regulators as well. The government needs to pay close attention to the new convergence phenomenon, regulate the issues associated with the development of gambling and games, and promote the further development of responsible gambling.

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Wang Xing


A Study of Development Strategies of Macao 's Gaming Equipment Manufacturing Industry


The gaming equipment manufacturing industry has been Macao's pillar industry,directly affecting its economic security. From the equipment manufacturers' perspective,it is crucial to promote the industrial upgrade,and if the manpower development and future development strategy are well designed,it would be vital for enhancing employment.With the technological revolution and industrial transformation,as well as the ongoing development of the Greater Bay Area,the Macao government and the industry need to keep up with this trend by reinforcing industry-university collaboration in education and research.In fact the entertainment equipment production and technology can serve as a link to strengthen the collaboration exchanges among equipment manufacturers, gaming enterprises and universities. This paper explored the further development of gaming equipment manufacturing industry through an analysis of industry-university collaboration and regional expansion.

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Jay Chun


Lottery and Entertainment: A Study on the Functional Positioning of Lottery Based on the Public Health Perspective


Lottery is the most popular gaming activity in the world. The annual population participation rate is always over 50% in many countries. Lottery tickets are more popular with low-income groups and are resistant to the economic recession. Both recession and unemployment would increase lottery sales. The larger the jackpot of a lottery, the greater the attraction to the residents. The probability of winning a prize has little effect on the lottery sales. Lottery tickets are complementary to alcoholism and smoking. Lottery participants are also more likely to play other forms of gambling. Behavioral economics believes that people play lottery because of their cognitive bias about lottery. By analyzing the existing literature, this paper indicates the entertainment motivation of lottery players, and proposes a lottery development strategy for China based upon the functional positioning of entertainment.This study can also help complement the explanations by the cognitive bias alone.

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Dong Xiaojing, Lawrence


The Law Revision Dilemmas and Coping Strategies for Lotteries in Mainland China


The rapid development of lottery in mainland China has caused such major problems as reduced internet applications, rampant illegal lottery for a long time, questioned public trust, and the unenforceability of social responsibilities. With the challenges raised by the neighbouring jurisdictions, scientific and technology breakthroughs, and the national ecosystem brought about by its internal dynamism, the redraft of the lottery regulations would restructure the industry top-level and afford opportunities for major changes. However, the choice of law revision faces the dilemmas of ideological restriction, changes in industry positioning and market orientation. Based upon the above, it might be necessary to have a renewed concept of lottery, fully understand the attributes of lottery, openly reform and lead with innovation, and make the revision both feasible and forward-looking,so as to step into a new era in some important areas in the industry development.

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Chen Haiping


A Behavioural Perspective of the Interaction Effect between the Stock Market and the Lottery Market in China<


Based on the literature and theory on the interaction effects of the interaction between stock and lottery markets the authors adopted a quantitative approach and established a structural simultaneous equation model using the stock turnover per capita and the lottery sales per capita as variables.To further study the relationship between the stock market and the various types of lottery tickets, the authors divided the lottery tickets into sports lottery tickets and welfare lottery tickets according to the issuers. Moreover, according to the features of each lottery, lottery tickets are classified into toto, non-toto (all lottery tickets excluding toto), and other sports lottery tickets (sports lottery tickets excluding toto). Based on the empirical analysis, the authors discovered that for the impact of stocks on lottery tickets, stocks had a positive impact on all lottery tickets except for toto, but a negative impact on toto. On the other hand, while toto had a negative impact on the stock market, other types of lottery had a significant positive impact on the stock market. Regarding the degree of impact, the impact of the stock market on lottery was greater than the impact of lottery on stocks. Based on the research results, the authors proposed recommendations to improve the stock market mechanism,strengthen education for investors,introduce different types of lottery,and promote the inverse relationship between stocks and toto.

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Li Gang, Li Yangzhi, Deng Xiao



On the Urban Principal Landmark: Taking Macao as an Example


Based on a progressive conceptual analysis of urban landmark → urban landmark system → urban principal landmark, five characteristics (elements) of urban principal landmark are summarized and proposed. Based on the principal landmarks of several famous tourist cities in the world and those of Macao, a comparative evaluation is made and the conception of the principal landmarks of Macao is proposed.

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Yuan Zheng


The Measurement Techniques and Constituent Elements of Destination Attractiveness: A Literature Review


Destination attractiveness has an important impact on tourists' destination choice and destination competitiveness. In fact, destination attractiveness has attracted the attention of many scholars since the 1970s. Based on a review of the literature related to this topic, this paper sorts out four methods of tourism destination attractiveness, i.e., performance analysis, analytical hierarchy process, factor analysis, and destination attractiveness index. As for the constituent elements of tourism destination attractiveness, the existing research has not reached generally consistent conclusions. Anyhow, more and more studies indicated that it is necessary to explore destination attractiveness assessment from the perspectives of both the supply and demand. Given that the tourism destination attractiveness assessment varies with the type of destination, this is of important research value and significance for such a casino tourism destination as Macao.

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Ji Chunli


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