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Global Gaming and Tourism Research



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 “Global Gaming & Tourism Research” aims to promote the sustainable development of the gaming and tourism industry. In addition to providing support for science-based decision-making across the public and gaming sectors, this academic journal seeks to serve as an exchange platform for gaming and tourism research work. “Global Gaming & Tourism Research” covers such key areas as the development trend of the Macao and global gaming industries, evolution and trend of consumer preference among gaming tourists, responsible gaming theory and practice, tourist behaviour theory and case studies, and tourist destination management theory and practice, etc. Contributions by experts, scholars and industry practitioners are welcome.               

Ao Ieong U

Outshine with More Powerful Transformation

Angela Leong

Promoting Diversified Economy Based on Truth, Goodness and Beauty

Linda Chen

Focus on Exhibition Aiming at Economic Diversification and Integration into the Great Bay Area

Philip Cheng

Face up Challenges and Move forward Despite any Obstacles 

Wilfred Wong

Sharp Focus on Opportunities While Leading the Cultural Tourism Ecosystem

Pansy Ho

Redefine Tourists Experience and Promote Diversified Development

Lawrence Ho

Understanding Individual Characteristics and the Regional Differences of Casino Visitors: A Case Study of Macao

Fu Jia-Hui, Huang Guihai, Liang Zhu-Yuan, Zhang Chun, Rao Li-Lin, Li Shu

The Impact of Industrial Policy on Macao's Gambling Industry Life Cycle

Zhou Jinquan

Uncovering the Service Profit Chain in the Casino Industry

Catherine Prentice, IpKin Anthony Wong, Desmond Lam

An Assessment of the Impact of Japan 's Gaming Liberalization on Macao's Casino Industry

Zeng Zhonglu

A Study of the Convergence Trend of Gambling and Gaming

Wang Xing

A Study of Development Strategies of Macao 's Gaming Equipment Manufacturing Industry

Jay Chun

Lottery and Entertainment: A Study on the Functional Positioning of Lottery Based on the Public Health Perspective

Dong Xiaojing, Lawrence

The Law Revision Dilemmas and Coping Strategies for Lotteries in Mainland China

Chen Haiping

A Behavioural Perspective of the Interaction Effect between the Stock Market and the Lottery Market in China

Li Gang, Li Yangzhi, Deng Xiao


On the Urban Principal Landmark: Taking Macao as an Example

Yuan Zheng

The Measurement Techniques and Constituent Elements of Destination Attractiveness: A Literature Review

Ji Chunli


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