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Due to the current Novel Coronavirus epidemic prevention requirement, in order to reduce the staff movement to block the spread of the virus, public departments are required to maintain only limited public services from 4 to 8 July 2022 in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau, in order to minimize staff gathering to a great extend and reduce the risk of virus transmission.

During the above period, all staff members and any staff members with a yellow health code should work from home, except for those staff members who are assigned and informed by their superiors to provide support services.

During the above period, those MPU staff members who are not required to resume work in the University, should fulfill their obligations and cooperate fully with the epidemic prevention measures of the MSAR Government. Therefore, except for urgent and necessary situations such as purchasing basic necessities, those staff should stay home and avoid going out in order to reduce social movement in the community and the risk of the spread of disease. In addition, all staff members of MPU should carry out nucleic acid tests or rapid antigen detection according to the requirements of the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre, and take health protection measures to protect themselves, their family members and other citizens from infection.






For relevant enquiries, please contact respective units:

  Unit Tel Email
Campus anti-epidemic affairs Campus Maintenance and Development Office +853 8599 6100
Student affairs Registry +853 8599 6111
Student Affairs Office +853 8599 6486
Staff affairs Personnel Office +853 8599 6125
24-hour security hotline +853 8599 6189 -/-


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