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Headline:The Development of Macao Animation

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The Development of Macao Animation

Name of Guest Speaker:

Mr. Michael Wong

Title& Organization:

Multi-artist (illustrator, scriptwriter, actor)
President of Macau Comics Practitioners Association
Artistic Director of Cultural and Creative World Ltd.


Cultural and Creative Industries Teaching and Research Centre,
Faculty of Arts and Design, Macao Polytechnic University


14th April 2022 (Thursday)


3:00 – 5:00 pm


R2F04, Lecture Theatre 1, the 2nd Floor of Research and Development Building, Macao Polytechnic University, Taipa Campus


Students of Faculty of Arts and Design, Macao Polytechnic University


Perhaps you do not know that there is an "animation industry" in Macao? But in fact, this industry has been working quietly. The speaker, Mr. Michael Wong, has been working in animation since 2006, when he represented Macao to attend the "100-episode Animation Film "Fuwa Olympic Games: China, Macao, ,Hong Kong and Taiwan areas Creative Summit" in Beijing, and from 2014 to 2019, he held an animation camp in Xiamen for six consecutive years, leading a group of Macau students to work on animation in Xiamen. His works were selected for the world-renowned "VAFI & RAFI - International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival" and "Zagreb World Festival of Animated Film", and received merit awards. In addition, he has also participated in many other animation works in China, Hong Kong and Macau. Do you want to know how Macao animation is developing?

Event Date:2022-04-14
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