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Non-local new students checking in

The Registry collates the non-local new students' name-list and passes it to the Student Affairs Office. The Student Affairs Office will then arrange hostel places for students. 

After arriving in Macao, new students will be guided to their hostels, and the hostel wardens will verify their identities and arrange for their moving in.

Non-local current students checking in

If non-local current students intend to reside at the University's hostels, they should apply by writing to the Student Affairs Office. Once the application is approved, the Student Affairs Office will arrange a hostel place for them.

Checking out

  1. Student boarders who are moving out should fill in the "student dormitory check-out form" (hereinafter referred to as the check-out form) and contact the warden to deal with checking out procedures. Check-out forms can be downloaded from the MPU website or obtained from the Registry and Student Affairs Office.
  2. When checking out student boarders are required to return all dormitory equipment to wardens. If instances of any loss or damage to any equipment student boarders are required to pay compensation to the Finance Office according to the “compensation notice” (if necessary they may appoint others to settle the amount on their behalf) and return the payment receipts to the warden. Otherwise, compensation will be deducted from the student boarder’s dormitory deposit.
  3. When the accommodation period expires, student boarders must move all their personal belongs out of dormitories. Seven days after the checking-out date MPU will deal with all items left behind and the respective student boarders will be required to pay necessary moving and cleaning costs. MPU will not be held liable for any loss of or damage to these items.
  4. Student boarders who want to move out before the end of their agreed residency period (except for cases of study leave, withdrawal, expulsion from dormitories or not being allocated a place in a dormitory )should make an application to the Student Affairs Office in writing with signed approval of their parents or guardians. They may only check out after the Office has approved their application.
  5. In cases where student boarders fail to abide by the above procedures to move out, MPU may reject any applications for admission to dormitories in the future.
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