MPI Music Programme Successfully Accredited by HEEACT
Macao’s First Accredited HEI Programme in Creativity

The Bachelor of Arts programme in Music, offered by Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI), has successfully passed a programme validation exercise by the Higher Education Evaluation & Accreditation Council of Taiwan (HEEACT) as announced on the HEEACT website on 31 March 2015. The programme validation exercise acknowledged the quality of the programme and reported significant recognition in areas such as provision of educational resources, support for teaching and learning, international exchange and cooperation, and quality assurance and enhancement.

In line with development of the Arts and Creative Industries of Macao, the Music programme strives to continuously enhance its teaching quality, providing quality music professionals to Macao, the Chinese Mainland and neighbouring regions. Having begun its preparation for a programme validation exercise in 2006 the programme invited the HEEACT to conduct a comprehensive validation exercise in 2014. The HEEACT is a renowned academic accreditation institution in Asia, responsible for the evaluation and accreditation of the educational quality of universities and colleges in Taiwan. The scope of the validation exercise at MPI ranged from programme objectives, programme design, faculty quality and development to provision of educational resources, student support, research and professional services, performance of graduates, and quality enhancement systems. Apart from examining the self-evaluation report and at least 100 other relevant documents, the validation panel conducted a three-day site visit to MPI in November 2014, evaluating the teaching and learning facilities of the programme and the Institute as well as meeting with the management, faculty and staff, students and alumni of the programme. The validation panel noted that the programme reflects the merits of multicultural integration, conscientiously safeguards its educational quality and creates a caring learning environment where students are provided with sufficient support to enable learning and high student satisfaction.

MPI adopts a student-centred philosophy of education and endeavours to continuously enhance the quality and standards of its educational provision, making relentless efforts to enhance students’ international competitiveness. In 2013 MPI went through a successful institutional review by the UK Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, the first internationally recognised institutional review ever undertaken by a higher education institution in Macao. Since 2011 several degree programmes have been validated or recognised by academic accreditation agencies or professional bodies of international standing, namely, the Computing programme, the Accounting programme, the E-Commerce programme, and the Public Administration programme (Portuguese).

The validation panel of HEEACT conducted a site visit to MPI.
The validation panel of HEEACT meets with MPI’s management and the programme faculty.

MPI’s Music Programme Successfully Accredited by HEEACT.


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