MPI Releases “CPE Glossary of Prevention and Control of Coronavirus”

Chinese-Portuguese-English Glossary of Prevention and Control of Coronavirus

In view of the outbreak of COVID-19, the Macao Polytechnic Institute Engineering Research Centre of Machine Translation and Artificial Intelligence Technologies, Ministry of Education, pays special attention to the development as well as the prevention and control of epidemics. Having comprehensively organized the big data in the field of epidemic prevention and control, MPI has published the “Chinese-Portuguese-English Glossary of Prevention and Control of Coronavirus” to the anti-pandemic work carrying out in Macao and worldwide. Macao residents and people from all walks of life are welcome to access and use this Chinese-Portuguese-English glossary.

The “Chinese-Portuguese-English Glossary of Prevention and Control of Coronavirus” contains a total of 200 commonly used terms and phrases related to tackling the epidemic, which are categorised as “Macao Anti-epidemic”, “Epidemic Prevention Institutions”, “Clinical Research”, “Prevention and Treatment”, and “Epidemic Measures”. These five major areas summarise information including anti-epidemic organizations and units in Macao, Mainland China and World Health Organization, clinical features of the epidemic and related symptoms and illnesses, prevention and control measures and anti-epidemic hygiene products, to name just a few. The “Macao Anti-epidemic” category has conglomerated the language big data on local epidemic prevention and control, which is manifested in the name of different organizations as well as the explicit expressions in anti-epidemic measures, so as to promote and share Macao’s experience in combating the epidemic.

The MPI Engineering Research Centre conducts research via artificial intelligence and machine translation, with multilingual big data as its backbone. During the anti-epidemic period, the MPI scientific research personnel, translation experts and language experts worked together, using language big data as technical support, queried and searched through local, national and international authoritative institutions, mainstream media, and core medical journals for the development of the “language big database of the prevention and control of Coronavirus”. This is where a good number of frequently used anti-epidemic vocabulary are selected for the Glossary. Macao residents and individuals are welcome to follow MPI’s WeChat official account to access the “Chinese-Portuguese-English Glossary of Prevention and Control of Coronavirus” in fighting the global pandemic.

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