MPI Organises “Happy Trail Activities” Series to Improve Physical and Mental Health of Students

MPI students release their stress by sports
MPI students achieve peaceful mind by vibrational singing bowl sound therapy

To enhance the development of physical and mental health, as well as to cultivate a good psychological quality of university students, the Student Affairs Office of the Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) recently held a “Happy Trail Activities” Series, providing workshops in the areas of thinking expression, artistic creativity, musical experience and sports involvement for students to discover themselves, relieve stress, inspire creativity and attain the way to happiness.  Through these activities, students are to encouraged to form healthy habits to achieve a healthy development of physical and mental health.

 There are seven workshops in the “Happy Trail Activities” Series, including “Vibrational Singing Bowl Sound Therapy”, “Pastel Nagomi Art”, “Strength Training, Zentangle”, “Pastel Mandala Art”, “The How of Happiness” and “Mind Map”, which attracted the participation of more than a hundred students. Mr Lao, a master’s student in Big Data and Internet of Things, said that the Series was diversifying, as it did only enabled physical and mental development, but also improved the expression of thought, which enhanced his social skills. Through the workshop of “The How of Happiness”, it helped him to understand the ways of happiness, and improve his ability to resist stress. Ms Wan, who is majoring in Chinese-English Translation and Interpretation, said that she experienced the resonance of sound to achieve spiritual healing through the workshop of “Vibrational Singing Bowl Sound Therapy”, which allowed her to open up a new field of emotional relief. Laidinha, a student from Cape Verde, who is majoring in International Chinese Language Education, expressed that after participating in various workshops, she learnt to get out of her comfort zone and cultivate a positive philosophy towards life and values, which can help her face different opportunities and challenges in the future.

MPI has always attached importance to students’ diversified development and cultivated students’ physical and mental health. The Student Affairs Office continues to organise different activities to help students improve their physical and mental well-being, establish a harmonious campus environment, enhance their sense of responsibility, have courage to face challenges and resist pressure, and promote the long-term development of positive thinking.

MPI students participate in the mind map workshop
MPI students increase their creativity by performing arts

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