MPI Charitable Fellowship Programme Practises Life Education

MPI students visited Everyone Stray Dogs Macau Educational Kennel
MPI students interacted with the dogs at the kennel

In order to cultivate a sense of social responsibility and strengthen life education for young people, the Student Affairs Office of the Macau Polytechnic Institute (MPI) held the MPI Charitable Fellowship Programme - Santa Paws, during Christmas with more than 30 students making a visit to Everyone Stray Dogs Macau Educational Kennel.  Through the visit, MPI students deepened their understanding of the medical support provided by local non-profit organisations to abandoned animals and promoted the concept of “adopt, don’t shop”. Interacting with kennel animals provided a great opportunity to raise students’ awareness of equality and respect for life, to demonstrate care and carry forward the spirit of great love.

The volunteers at the kennel gave an impressive presentation on the life cycle, needs and proper manner that should be used when interacting with canines. After mastering some basic skills, MPI students participated in an ice breaking activity with some of the stray dogs and were deeply moved by their friendliness and enthusiasm.  Some participants stated that, the MPI Charity Fellowship Programme gave them opportunities they would not have had otherwise to visit for various local non-profit organisations, such as Fuhong Society of Macau, Macau Association of the Hearing Impaired and Obra das Mães etc, thus seizing opportunities to serve disadvantaged and vulnerable groups with knowledge learnt from lectures that they can contribute to the community.

MPI has always attached importance to students’ holistic development and the Institute actively encourages students to participate in community service, as well as pursuing academic knowledge. Through participating in the MPI Charity Fellowship Programme, students reflected and were inspired in life education.  It strengthens their sense of social mission, empathy and responsibility, which in turn spreads positivity among society by devoting themselves to good deeds.

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