“Certificate in Integrated Resort Management” by MPU and Wynn Macau to foster tourism competitiveness

“Certificate in Integrated Resort Management” by MPU to foster tourism competitiveness
“Certificate in Integrated Resort Management” fosters tourism competitiveness

In order to cultivate Macao to become a world centre of tourism and leisure, Macao Polytechnic University is collaborating with Wynn Macau Limited on a programme for a “Certificate in Integrated Resort Management.” The programme provides a full range of integrated resort management training for 48 senior executives from Wynn Macau for the purpose of fostering outstanding professional talents with strategic thinking and global vision.

At the opening ceremony of the programme, held at the MPU on 11th October, MPU Rector Professor Im Sio Kei explained that the development of Macao plays a crucial role in the national development blueprint. The SAR Government is making efforts to turn Macao into “one centre, one platform and one base”, and cooperates with different industries in the society to foster the economic diversification of Macao, as well as to make it an ideal city for living, travelling and business. In cooperation with industry, MPU continues to offer a variety of programmes to cultivate professional talents for the gaming and tourism industries, with a focus on enhancing the competitiveness of the integrated resorts industry and the sustainable development of Macao.

Linda Chen, the Vice Chairman and Executive Director of Wynn Macau Limited, said that outstanding talent is a valuable resource for the sustainable development of an enterprise. Wynn Macau remains keen to cultivate high-quality local talents and help Macao implement its strategic role in the Greater Bay Area. The programme of the “Certificate in Integrated Resort Management” develops potential executive managers through a variety of conferences and seminars, leading them consider the future development and repositioning of their careers. Linda Chen hoped the students would cherish this opportunity to improve themselves. She also expressed her wish for more programmes in cooperation with MPU to be carried out in the future to build Macao into a world centre of tourism and leisure with non-gaming as the core, as well as to reserve more outstanding professional talents for Macao.

The programme of the “Certificate in Integrated Resort Management” focuses on management and operation, covering a full range of fields including regional industrial development, financial policy trends, virtual real economy, data and security, and integrated resort management context, providing senior executives with a professional platform to master up-to-date knowledge, to expand management thinking and to improve application expertise. The guests at the opening ceremony included: Ms. Zuleika Mok, Senior Vice President – Human Resources; Dr. Barry Ip, Vice President – Learning and Advancement; Ms. Marian Au, Executive Director – Learning and Advancement from Wynn Macau Limited; Director Professor Wang Changbin; Deputy Director Mr. Johnny Siu; and Professor Zeng Zhonglu from MPU-CJT.

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