MPU and Guangdong University of Foreign Studies to Offer Jointly the First Dual BA-BSc Programme across Macao and Guangdong

Macao Polytechnic University and Guangdong University of Foreign Studies’ Translation and Computer Science launching the joint dual BA-BSc degree programme

Macao Polytechnic University (MPU) and Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) are to offer a dual BA-BSc degree programme together in Translation and Computer Science in 2023/2024. This interdisciplinary collaborative education provision is the first of its kind amongst universities in Guangdong and Macao. Combining cutting-edge technologies with linguistic expertise in its design, the programme cultivates top-tier talents capable of embracing interdisciplinary innovativeness and harnessing the opportunities posed by the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

The official launch event held at GDUFS was officiated by Prof. Im Sio Kei, Rector of Macao Polytechnic University, and Professor Shi Youqi, President of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. Prof. Im Sio Kei highlighted in his opening remarks that the programme marks a significant milestone in higher education collaborations between Macao and the Chinese mainland, establishing a new, instrumental model of partnership amongst Guangdong and Macao universities. MPU and GDUFS will capitalise on their unique strengths to align with national objectives, jointly promoting high-quality higher education development in the Greater Bay Area and contributing to national development through education, science, technology, and talent development.

Prof. Shi Youqi, President of GDUFS, conveyed warm congratulations on the successful launch of the project. Prof. Shi Youqi emphasised that GDUFS adheres to the mission of cultivating highly qualified global talent through the seamless integration of professional and foreign language education. The project gives full play to GDUFS's expertise in translation studies and international talent development, alongside MPU's strengths in artificial intelligence, to collaboratively cultivate high-end talent needed for the growth of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Belt and Road Initiative.

MPU Rector Prof. Im Sio Kei (left) and GUFS President Professor Shi Youqi (right) delivered speeches at the launch event

At the launch event, Prof. Lam Chan Tong, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences at MPU, and Prof. Lan Hongjun, Dean of the School of Interpreting and Translation Studies at GDUFS, presented the programme design. Integrating computer science with language and translation studies, the programme is delivered by an international academic team selected from both universities. The "3+1" dual degree model aligns with international standards, with both the national and Macao higher education quality assurance systems incorporated, to train interdisciplinary specialists in language technologies and translation for the global digital era.

Participants of the launch event included amongst others Prof. Jiao Fangtai, Vice President, Tang Jing, Deputy Director of Academic Programmes Division, Xu Yiqing, Deputy Director of Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Affairs Office, from GDUFS; Prof. Lam Chan Tong, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, Christy Cheong, Head of Academic Affairs Department, Prof. Wang Yapeng, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, from MPU.

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