Global Gaming & Tourism Research (The First Issue of 2023) by MPU is Now Published

Global Gaming & Tourism Research (The First Issue of 2023) by MPU is Now Published

The first issue of Global Gaming & Tourism Research for 2023 (7 issues in total), has been officially published by Macao Polytechnic University. This issue contains a rich collection of papers on gambling and tourism research written by experts and scholars from different places.

In terms of tourism-related articles, “Construction and Dissemination of Tourism Cultural Experience from the Perspective of the Theory of Cultural Memory” by Guo Yunjiao, an associate researcher at Sun Yat-sen University, explores the construction of tourism cultural experiences and the role of stories as cultural memory media, playing an active role in cultural communication. “The study of the Relationship among Tourists’ Experiential Authenticity, Perceived Value, Satisfaction, and Storytelling Intention in Heritage Tourism: In the Case of Kaiping Diaolou and Village” by Rao Yun et al. investigated the mechanisms by which tourists perceive and experience authenticity during their travel to cultural heritage sites, using Kaiping Diaolou and Villages as a case study. The study explored the relationships between tourists’ perceived authenticity, perceived value, satisfaction, and willingness to share stories. Other tourism-related articles include Tang Juan, an associate professor at Macau University of Science and Technology, and her team’s “Exploring the Relationship between Subjective Well-being, Emotional Solidarity, Place Attachment, and Revisit Intention from the Perspective of Tourists: A Case Study of Macao” and Zhang Yihang’s “A Review of Tourism Destination Resilience Research and Prospects for Building a Recovery Framework.”

In terms of gambling-related articles, Zeng Zhonglu, a professor from the Centre for Gaming and Tourism Studies at Macao Polytechnic University conducted a “Research on Non-gambling Diversification Strategies of Gaming Companies in Macao” analyzed 10 years of annual reports from six gambling companies in Macao to reveal the extent of the companies’ emphasis on non-gambling diversification and their strategic positioning. The study found that the non-gambling diversification strategies of Macao gaming companies mainly focus on attracting customers, enhancing customer experience, and distancing themselves from competitors. “Research on Environmental, Social, and Governance and Related Non-financial Information Disclosure of Listed Gaming Companies in Macao” by Tiffany Cheng Han Leung, an assistant professor at City University of Macao, introduced the development of Hong Kong’s ESG reporting standards, evaluated the importance of listed companies, analyzed the disclosure of climate-related financial information and third-party ESG verification, and made corresponding recommendations for the six major Macao gaming companies. Fu Jun’s “An Analysis of Current Situation and Trend in the Gambling Industry in the Philippines” systematically discussed the development prospects of the Philippine gambling industry, analyzing its historical context, economic status, and current development situation, and examining its impact on Macao. Other gambling-related articles include “A Group Path Analysis of Factors Influencing Chinese Welfare Lottery Sales – A Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Fuzzy Sets Based on 31 Provinces” by Shi Wenwen, an associate professor at Hubei University, and his team and “A Study on the Construction of Responsible Gaming in China: Experience from Representative Lottery Institutions Abroad” by Li Gang, a professor from the School of Business at Shanghai Normal University and his team.

Global Gaming & Tourism Research is published semi-annually and covers key areas, including management and development strategies concerning gaming and tourism. The Journal welcomes contributions from experts from home and abroad. For enquiries, please contact the Editor-in-Chief at 8893 6229. Articles can be submitted to


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