MPU’s Centre for Continuing Education Received Positive Feedback for its Professional Training Courses

Macao Polytechnic University’s Centre for Continuing Education Received Positive Feedback for its Professional Training Courses

To actively respond to the society and meet the actual needs of industries and enterprises, the Centre for Continuing Education of Macau Polytechnic University has offered nearly 40 diversified and practice-oriented professional training courses in the first half of 2023.

Diversified Training Courses

The scope of training courses for the public is diversified, and suitable for the professional development needs of public and private sector personnel. The scope of courses covers nursing, social care, art and design, language and communication, business application and enterprise management, leisure tourism and exhibitions, public administration practice, social work professional practice, technology and engineering application, and financial management. By actively promoting courses to obtain professional certification, the social work professional practice courses offered by the Centre have been recognized by the Macau Social Work Professional Committee as professional development activities for registered social workers. In addition, in response to the emerging network security risks in recent years, the Centre has timely launched professional courses related to building and maintaining secure websites, attracting personnel in public and private organizations working in the field of information technology to enrol. 

Positive Feedback from Students

“Chinese Official Document Writing” is one of the core courses of the Centre for Continuing Education of Macau Polytechnic University. After completing the course, student Chan, who works as a secretary in an association, said that taking this course has improved her personal writing skills and overall humanistic quality, and has made great progress in writing various types of official documents. She is now able to achieve better communication effects through document exchanges with the government and the general public on behalf of the association. Student Lam, who is engaged in clerical work, said that the curriculum is highly practice-oriented, the teaching materials are up-to-date, and can integrate information such as public administration, law and management into the teaching content. The guidance provided by the trainer, coupled with the close integration of the curriculum with current affairs, is also of great help to her when she took the examination for admission to civil service.

Another popular course of the Centre, “Practice of Public Relations, Communication and Negotiation Skills”, not only involves public relations crisis management, negotiation and communication skills, but also elaborates on the meaning and function of “public relations” so that students can have a clear and concise understanding of “public relations”. Students practice the learning content through various methods such as writing exercises, role-playing, and case study. The trainer gives comments and suggestions to strengthen the learning effect. Student Lau said that through the course, she learned that public relations is not only an art of communicating with people, but also involves a lot of knowledge about management, communication and psychology. She realized the importance of public relations to individuals and companies, and thinks that students from all walks of life can benefit a lot from this course.

The course “Cultivating Adolescents' Key Abilities and Practices” is taught by clinical psychotherapist and has been popular among students since its launch. The course was recognized by the Macau Social Work Professional Committee as a professional development activity for registered social workers, attracting many teachers, social workers and parents to enrol. Some parents who have completed the course said that they originally enrolled in the course with the mindset of learning how to change their children.  However, through the course, they learned about the physical and mental development and brain characteristics of children and adolescents, common emotional and behavioural problems of adolescents, and the core of how to nurture adolescents’ positive thinking and key abilities, etc. They realized that both parents and children must actively make changes. After completing the course, parents not only greatly relieved the heavy pressure of balancing work and caring for the family, but also changed the concept of parent-child relationship and communication skills, and the relationship with their children has been significantly improved.

Offering More Courses in Response to Emerging Needs

In response to emerging needs, the Centre will offer two additional courses in September, namely “Application of Social Work Team Work Skills” and “Human Resource Management and Planning”. The “Application of Social Work Group Work Skills” course is specially designed for practicing social workers or students studying social work programmes. It aims to enable students to understand the characteristics and application possibilities of different types of board games, basic leadership skills, and understand games and board game applications. Students will learn relevant social work theories, master the skills of quickly establishing relationships with participants through board games, and understand the key techniques of leading activities. The “Human Resource Management and Planning” course is suitable for those working in the field of human resources or managers of public and private organizations. The course will introduce human resource planning and its importance, recruitment channels and selection methods, salary and benefit systems, performance management practices, and talent retention, etc.

The application can be made online or at the Centre for Continuing Education of Macau Polytechnic University. For course information, please visit the webpage For enquiry, please call 87950707 / 87950832 / 87950750 during office hours or email to


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