Congratulations to MPU Graduate Huang Junhua for Winning the Bronze medal in the Men’s Nanquan & Nangun All-Round at the 19th Asian Games

Huang Junhua
2021 Graduate of Master of Science in Sports and Physical Education & 
2017 Graduate of Bachelor of Physical Education,
Macao Polytechnic University

On September 26, Mr. Huang Junhua, a graduate of Macao Polytechnic University (MPU) with a Master of Science in Sports and Physical Education in 2021 and a Bachelor of Physical Education in 2017, won the bronze medal in the men's Nanquan & Nangun All-Round event at the Asian Games in Hangzhou. He achieved a score of 19.463, bringing glory to Macao. Professor Im Sio Kei, the Rector of Macao Polytechnic University, congratulated Mr. Huang for his outstanding performance on the international stage and praised him for setting a good example by demonstrating the positive and competitive spirit of the MPU students. In response, Mr. Huang expressed the gratitude to his alma mater for their support, care, and encouragement, and will continue to strive for success.

Image source: TDM

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