MPU Organises “Love This Planet” Environmental Campaign to Promote Sustainable Development

The “Love This Planet” Environmental Campaign organised by Macao Polytechnic University featured popular science, games, art creations and other engaging activities to enrich the public’s knowledge of environmental protection
Macao Polytechnic University students participated in art creations during the “Love This Planet” Environmental Campaign

To continue strengthening environmental awareness among university students, staff and youths, as well as promoting the concept of sustainable development and zero carbon lifestyle to the society, the Student Affairs Office of Macao Polytechnic University organised the “Love This Planet” Environmental Campaign. The event featured popular science exhibitions, booth games, art creations, interactive Q&A sessions, and other engaging immersive learning experiences to enrich the public’s knowledge of environmental protection. Various parties joined forces to actively participate in environmental conservation and put effort into sustainable development.

The MPU “Love This Planet” Environmental Campaign showcased popular science knowledge on diverse topics such as responsible consumption, recycling, marine and land conservation, energy conservation, and water resources conservation. Through games and rapid-fire questions, participants were encouraged to enhance their environmental knowledge and foster thinking about living a green and eco-friendly lifestyle. The art creation zone allowed participants to experience hands-on activities such as making stone fridge magnets. The event also exhibited an art installation created by participants of a previously-held environmental creative workshop using recycled materials, promoting the co-creation of green communities and sustainable cities.

The event was organised by student members from the MPU Creative Planning Talent Development Programme, together with students from the Master of Interdisciplinary Arts programme. Zhou, one of the student members, mentioned that global climate change issues are becoming increasingly significant, and the event was held in the same month as World Earth Day, which is 22nd April each year, with the aim of directing public attention towards sustainable development-related issues. Huang, a student participant, expressed her interest in arts and creativity, finding the combination of environmental themes particularly meaningful and hoping that similar activities would continue to be held.

Macao Polytechnic University is committed to promoting sustainable development through various initiatives in education, research, community services and outreach. This is particularly so in academic fields such as artificial intelligence, machine translation, environmental technologies, Chinese-Portuguese bilingual studies, intangible cultural heritage, tourism and leisure management, as well as arts and creativity. The University contributes its interdisciplinary strengths and fosters collaborations with universities, institutions and industries worldwide, working together towards global sustainable development.

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