The Centre for Continuing Education of MPU is Offering Professional Courses Related to Financial Management

The Centre for Continuing Education of Macao Polytechnic University is offering professional courses related to financial management

Modern finance is one of the pillar industries under the “1+4” strategy for moderate diversification of economy promoted by the Macao SAR government. In order to proactively respond to the needs of social development and cultivate talents needed for the financial industry, the Centre for Continuing Education of Macao Polytechnic University will offer courses in related fields starting from May.  The courses “Financial Technologies and Innovation Practice”, “Financial Tools and Market Applications”, “Bond Market Practice” and “Theories and Practice of Financial Investment” are suitable for financial market practitioners or those who aspire to pursue a career in finance related industries, as well as those interested in the theories and practice of finance. 

“Financial Technologies and Innovation Practice” includes theories and applications of financial technologies, mechanisms of financial technologies promoting renovation and changes in the financial market, risk and challenges posed by financial technologies, and so on.  By exploring cutting edge topics like green finance, students will be familiarised with conventional practices and the latest developments in financial technologies, extending their perspective on the financial industry and international financial markets.  “Financial Tools and Market Applications” will cover operations of financial instruments and market strategies, as well as analysis through behavioural finance perspectives on how the behaviour of market participants affects financial markets.  Through practical operations and case studies, students can master the use of financial instruments and market investment strategies, and understand the importance of behavioural finance and common abnormal phenomena. 

“Bond Market Practice” includes concepts and characteristics of bonds; the classification of bonds and the characteristics of bond financing; an overview of the development history of the world's mainstream bond markets; the issuance, listing and trading of bonds; investment and risk analysis of bonds, and so on. The course will also introduce concepts and functions of various infrastructures in Macao's bond trading market, as well as industry cutting-edge information such as green finance and financial technologies. “Theories and Practice of Financial Investment” includes basic knowledge of financial products and investment theories, the learning of important indicators when getting started in securities investment, financial investment practices, risk cost control strategies, and so on.  These courses have been included in the Continuing Education and Development Plan of the Education and Youth Development Bureau.  Please visit the webpage for course information and online registration.

In addition to offering diversified courses to the public, the Centre for Continuing Education of Macao Polytechnic University also offers various professional training courses to institutions and groups. For enquiry, please ring 87950707 / 87950832 / 87950750 during office hours, or email to

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