MPU Releases Latest Issue of “Global Gaming & Tourism Research”

MPU Releases Latest Issue of “Global Gaming & Tourism Research”

The latest issue (the 9th issue) of “Global Gaming & Tourism Research” by Macau Polytechnic University (MPU) has been officially published. This issue boasts a rich content, encompassing research papers contributed by esteemed scholars in the field of gaming and tourism.

In the articles related to tourism, the paper titled “Cultural Governance: Exploring the Connotation and Significance of the ‘Festivalization’ Development Model in Macao” examines the accomplishments of Macao’s “festivalization” governance model. The paper titled “Research on Urban Tourism Experience Based on Grounded Theory: A Case Study on Chinese Mainland Tourists Visiting Macao” utilizes travel notes from mainland tourists visiting Macao as a data source and employs grounded theory coding to construct a model of urban tourism experiences. The paper titled “Research on the Spatial Distribution and Influencing Factors of Rural Homestays in Beijing Based on POI Data Mining” summarizes the spatial distribution characteristics and influencing factors of rural homestays, providing insights for site selection and planning of homestays in other regions.

In the gaming-related articles, the paper titled “The New Normal of Macao’s Gaming Industry After the Covid-19 Pandemic and the Responses to It” highlights the structural changes that Macao’s gaming industry has undergone in recent years; consequently, the gaming industry needs to implement appropriate measures to address this new situation. The paper titled “Macau Gaming Companies’ Performance in Social Responsibility: Measurement and Analysis” assesses the social responsibility performance of the 6 gaming enterprises in Macao. The paper titled “Casino Employees’ Intentions Towards Adopting Innovative Technologies: An Empirical Study of Slot Player Tracking Systems” investigates the key factors and trends in employees’ intention to use innovative technologies in the gaming industry.

The full texts of the papers can be viewed on the following webpage: “Global Gaming & Tourism Research” is published twice a year. The focus of the journal papers is on gaming and tourism management and development strategies. Local and international experts and scholars are welcome to submit papers to


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