Admission / Application procedure / Payments

All teachers of Seniors Academy are part-time teachers, who have a bachelor’s degree or professional qualification . The majority of them have worked in this Academy for years and gained experience in teaching for the third age.

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  • Activities
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For entry into Academy, an applicant must be over 55 years old and have knowledge in reading and writing Chinese. Each applicant can apply in a maximum of either four Subjects or four Activities.

Application procedure:

Application, Selection through Lucky Draw and Registration (all information about applications will be announced in June every year.)

Payments :

Registration fee : MOP50.00 (per applicant)
Subjects : MOP120.00 (per subject / per semester)
Activities : MOP80.00 (per activity / per semester)
Student ID Card Replacement: MOP50.00
Course Attending Certificate: MOP50.00
Note: All subjects and activities are taught in daytime
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