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Prof. Luh Ding-Bang


Prof. Luh Ding-Bang

Programme examined:

Interdisciplinary Arts (Master's degree)

Graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology in 2000, Prof. Ding-Bang LUH is a Distinguished Professor (2018.7-) at Guangdong University of Technology, Guangzhou China. He had been a professor (1990-2017) at Department of Industrial Design (ID), Cheng Kung University, Taiwan for 27 years. In 2006, he established Taiwan’s first postgraduate program on cultural and creative industries studies, Institute of Creative Industries Design (ICID). He has been the head of ID (2007- 2010) and ICID (2007-2009) and Dean of College of Creative Design, Asia University (2017.2- 2018.6). Currently, he serves as the Director of Design Innovation Management Association (DIMA) in Taiwan and the Director of Research Center of Art, World Chinese Association on Art Education. His major research interests include design management, service innovation, creative and cultural industries, strategic thinking, among others. His academic thoughts can be best represented in two books, namely “Mirror Theory for Creating in Positive Spaces (2014)” and “Creative Tree Method for Ideological Management (2023)”.


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