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Prof. Wu Zhipan

Prof. Wu Zhipan

Prof. Wu Zhipan

Professor Wu Zhipan is Executive Vice President, Legal Advisor in Chief, PhD Student Advisor in International Financial Law, Director of the Asia-Pacific Institute, and Director of the Financial Law Institute of Peking University (PKU).

Professor Wu has been serving Peking University since 1988 when he received his PhD degree from PKU. Over the years, he has led numerous national-level research projects and seized any chances to enhance his research. In 1991-1992 he went to the US as a visiting scholar of Harvard University School of Law. In 1997 he re-visited the US as an Eisenhower Foundation Fellow.

Professor Wu's research interests lie in International Economic Law and Financial Law with ample research achievements. In 1995 he was a Nominee for China’s “Distinguished Young Jurist”. Over the years he has authored/co-authored or edited more than 10 books, Including Commercial Bank and Law in Hong KongOn the Commercial LawTextbook of Commercial Bank LawTextbook of Central Bank LawInternational Financial LawFinancial Law, International Economic LawFinancial Globalization and China’s Financial LawTypical Case Review on Financial LawCapital Market and LawLaw and Practice of the Listed Companies, and “Four Color Theorem” in Financial Law.

Other current obligations of Professor Wu’s include roles as Vice President of China Law Society, President of the Research Association of China’s Economic Laws of China Law Society, Vice President of China Society for Finance and Banking, Expert Counsellor for the Supreme People’s Court of China, Advisor for the Drafting Committee of China’s Commercial Bank Law of the People’s Bank of China and Vice Director of the “Steering Committees for Legal Education and for Master’s Degrees in Legal Studies of the Ministry of Education”, amongst others.


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