14/12/2018 Social dance team of ACS had the exchange trip to “University of Elderly Zhongshan” on 14th December 2018 new eng2
3/12/2018 “Prevention of Chronic Diseases Seminar” was organized by ACS and Serviços de Saúde on 3rd December 2018 new eng2
30/11/2018 The Volunteer Team of ACS visited Lar De Nossa Senhora Da Penha on 30th November 2018 new eng2
14/11/2018 “Smart Seniors- the finance seminar to Elderly” was co-organized by ACS and Social Security Fund on the 14th November 2018 new eng2
8-9/11/2018 59 ACS students had the exchange trip to “University of Elderly Zhongshan” from the 8th November to the 9th November 2018 new eng2
21/10/2018 “The Sports Day for Teachers and Students” was held
16/10/2018 Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture of the Macao SAR Government Mr. Tam Chon Weng visited the branch of IPM, which is located in Taipa Chun Su Mei and had interactive communication with ACS students
15/10/2018 The course of “The 2nd Teaching Training Course for the Seniors”, which was co-organized by Seniors Academy and Social Welfare Bureau started the first class
13/10/2018 Four ACS students were invited by the Centre for Higher Education Students to introduce sewing skills in the past to youths
9/10/2018 The Volunteer Team visited “Lar de Cuidados Sol Nascente da Areia Preta
6/10/2018 Students participated in “The Pearl River Delta Elderly Sport Day
4/10/2018-10/2/2019 “Appreciation of Art for Elderly” was co-organized by the Senior’s Academy and Macau Art Museum
26/9-4/10/2018 “The Art Exhibition of ACS alumni” was co-organized by the Seniors Academy
09/9/2018 Elderly Sports 2018” was co-organized by the Seniors Academy
23/8/2018 The ACS Opening Ceremony of 2018/2019 academic year was held on 23rd August 2018
27/6/2018 Four ACS students were invited by Macau New Chinese Youth Association to introduce Chinese Calligraphy to foreign volunteers on 27th June 2018
03/6/2018 “Fun Day of Traffic Safety”
01/6/2018 “Graduation Dinner of Academic Year 2017/2018”
25/4/2018 “The Graduation Ceremony of Academic Year 2017/2018”
17-25/4/2018 “Art Exhibition of Teachers and Students of ACS in Academic Year 2017/2018”
21/3/2018 “The Performance Report”
4/2/2018 The Musical Instruments Team was invited to perform at the “66th Anniversary Charity Dinner of Caritas Macao”
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