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Prof. Lau Chung Yim

Dr. Lau Chung Yim

Dr. Lau Chung Yim

Programa Avaliado:

Artes Visuais (Curso de Licenciatura)

Dr. Lau, Chung Yim studied Fine Arts and received his initial teacher education in the National Taiwan Normal University. He obtained his Master of Visual Arts from the Victorian College of the Arts of the University of Melbourne, and Certificate in Arts Administration in Grant MacEwan Community College. He completed a PhD at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University. Before joining the institute, he had taught art in kindergarten, junior and senior high schools in Taiwan for eight years. In 1998, he received an Art Teacher Award from the Taipei Municipal Bureau of Education. Dr. Lau is currently Associate Professor of the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts at the Education University of Hong Kong. His research interests include investigations concerning issues in postmodernist pedagogy, understanding images of young adolescent, creativity, visual culture in art education, and art teacher education. Dr. Lau’s publications are mainly related to visual culture in art education, creativity, teaching art in the postmodern era, contemporary art curriculum. His publications can be found in international journals such as International Journal of Art and Design Education (IJADE); Visual Arts Research; Critical Perspectives on Communication, Cultural & Policy Studies (ACCESS); Research in Arts Education; Australian Art Education; The International Journal of Arts Education; Asia-Pacific Journal for Arts Education, etc.


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