MPI Held “The Soul’s Corner” Activities

“The Soul’s Corner” enhances students’ physical and mental development

To promote the physical and mental health of students and increase their capacity to resist stress, the Student Affairs Office of the Macau Polytechnic Institute (MPI) recently organised a series of “The Soul’s Corner” activities. The rich content of activities included online workshops of stress management, decoding sleep and relaxation techniques, as well as offline mental health first-aid courses, a floral workshop, etc. The aim of the activities is to help students establish positive thinking and a good attitude towards life, enhance their physical and mental health, and also building a harmonious and friendly campus together.

The theme of “The soul’s corner” is closely related to the needs and daily life of students. During the activities, experts shared their experiences, accompanied students during psychological relaxation exercises, and taught them how to create a suitable relaxation plan. Through the practical and lively teaching in the mental health first-aid course, students were taught to identify the common psychological problems and effective intervention techniques so as to strengthen students’ knowledge and attention to mental health. In the French floral workshop, students did not only learn about French floral design and color-matching techniques, they also achieved a way to tune their mind and cultivate positive personal psychology.

Ms Tou, a social work student, claimed that by joining the workshops, she learned how to detect the origin of stress and its consequent physical reflex by observing one's emotions, thus enabling one to make appropriate psychological adjustments, and to keep a positive attitude to face future challenges. Ms Chan, a Public Administration student, said that the mental health first-aid course made her reflect on her daily communication skills with others, and let her think empathetically from others’ perspectives. This practical and interesting course was very useful to her since the respective techniques could be applied in her daily interpersonal communications. Mr Luo, a Portuguese Language student, stated that the floral workshop had enhanced his moral quality, and he also added that it would be so meaningful to transmit happy messages to friends around by offering bouquets made by oneself.

Adhering to its long-standing commitment to quality and student-centred education, MPI pays close attention to the physical and mental development of students and dedicates itself to building a harmonious and friendly school environment. The Student Affairs Office will continue to organise diversified activities to raise students’ physical and mental quality, support them to build up correct values of life, and go forward with a bright and positive attitude.

MPI students make bouquets to transmit happy messages

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