MPU Academic Publishes Linguistic Handbook by Cambridge University Press

Wen Zhisheng, associate professor of Macao Polytechnic University, published his linguistic book by Cambridge University Press
Front Cover of “The Cambridge Handbook of Working Memory and Language

The Cambridge Handbook of Working Memory and Language, co-edited by Associate Professor Wen Zhisheng of the Faculty of Languages and Translation of Macao Polytechnic University and Professor John Schwieter from Canada, was recently published by the prestigious Cambridge University Press. Included in Cambridge University Press' renowned "Cambridge Handbook of Languages ​​and Linguistics" Series, this handbook provides a comprehensive, updated and systematic discussion of the important role of human working memory in first and second language acquisition, processing, language impairment and cognitive training for the academic community at large.

The Cambridge Handbook consists of 40 chapters in total, which are written and contributed by more than 80 leading scholars in related fields from research teams based around the world (from 20 countries/regions). The handbook is nearly 1,000 pages long (reaching almost 400,000 words). From an interdisciplinary perspective, it provides the academic community with the most comprehensive and latest theoretical and practical discourses on working memory and language research. The final chapter is written by the two editors (Wen & Schwieter) which integrates models of working memory with language acquisition and processing. The contents of the book are divided into five thematic sections, all of which discuss the important role of working memory in different linguistic domains.

The chapters in the five sections are related to: theoretical models and measurements; general linguistic theories and frameworks; first language processing; bilingual acquisition and processing; language disorders, intervention, and cognitive training. The publication of this Cambridge Handbook provides an important reference for researchers, clinicians, speech therapists, and advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students in a wide range of fields including linguistics, psychology, education, speech therapy, cognitive science and neuroscience, helping us to gain a deep understanding of the intricate connection between language, cognition and the mind at multiple levels. Detailed information on this handbook can be found on the Cambridge University Press webpage: Dr. Wen Zhisheng has a broad range of research interests, including applied linguistics, second language acquisition, task-based language teaching (TBLT), cognitive science and translation studies.

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