MPU’s Postgraduate Research Achievements Have Been Published in Top International Journals

Li Jiaxuan, Master of Science student of Big Data and Internet of Things at Macao Polytechnic University

Lu Jing, PhD candidate in Portuguese at Macao Polytechnic University

A paper co-authored by Li Jiaxuan, a graduate student of the Master of Science in Big Data and Internet of Things programme at the Macao Polytechnic University, and his supervisor has been published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, a leading international academic journal in the field of public health. The paper provides recommendations for improving the management of the healthcare sector. The journal, which has an impact factor (JIF) of 4.614 and is ranked first in public health on Google Scholar, is a top Q1 journal in the SSCI journals list and is included in other prestigious scientific databases such as SCIE and Scopus.

Under the guidance of his supervisor, Dr Patrick Pang, Li Jiaxuan employed artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies to exercise data mining from online reviews of patient visits in three regions of China: Beijing, Shanghai, and Hubei. He successfully evaluated the trend of horizontal changes in the doctor-patient relationships (DPRs) before and after COVID-19 in these regions. The results showed that the DPRs in these regions improved after the emergence of COVID-19, but the degree of improvement varied. The study also made use of text mining techniques to analyse the causes of changes in the DPRs. At the same time, the paper proposes using big data methods to refine the direction of healthcare reforms in each region and to provide a means for policy evaluation. The study demonstrates the effective integration of big data analytics with public health, and highlights the potential use of digital health technologies, smart hospitals and policy adjustments to help mitigate healthcare management problems, improve DPRs, enhance the quality of healthcare and reduce doctor-patient disputes. The research demonstrates an application of interdisciplinary research.

Lu Jing, a postgraduate student of the PhD in Portuguese programme at Macao Polytechnic University, Professor Han Lili, Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Translation, and Professor Carlos Ascenso André co-authored the academic paper “Portuguese Translation of Extralinguistic Cultural References in a Course in International Chinese: Application of Translation Strategies Proposed by Andrew Chesterman” (Tradução Portuguesa de Referências Culturais Extralinguísticas no Manual de Chinês Língua Não Materna: Aplicação de Estratégias de Tradução Propostas por Andrew Chesterman) which has been published in the journal Cadernos de Tradução.

Founded by Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC) in Brazil, Cadernos de Tradução is an authoritative international academic journal focusing on publishing the latest scientific research results in the field of translation studies. It is included in many databases such as Scopus, SciELO, and Web of Science. In the Scimago Journal & Country Ranking (SJR), it is listed in the Q1, at the highest level.

Lu Jing and his co-authors took the textbook A Course in International Chinese compiled by the Macao Polytechnic University as the research object, and compared different types of Chinese cultural words with the original Chinese text, including eight major cuisines, twenty-four solar terms, twelve zodiac signs, Peking opera and local opera, Chinese first and last names, kinship terminology, radicals and strokes of Chinese characters, as well as the structure of Chinese characters. They then used the semantic and pragmatic strategies proposed by Andrew Chesterman to describe and analyse the translation strategies of each word, and thereby successfully revealed the rules determining the choice of translation strategies through quantitative statistics.

Translation for the purpose of External Communication of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture has received increasing attention and discussion in recent years, and related research on Portuguese translation still needs to be developed. A Course in International Chinese is the first textbook for students from Portuguese-speaking countries who are learning Chinese as a foreign language. It contains an extensive vocabulary of Chinese culture which will help to enrich the research results of external communication of Chinese culture and contribute to the cultural exchanges between China and Portuguese-speaking countries.

Lu Jing is a PhD candidate in Portuguese at the Faculty of Languages and Translation, Macao Polytechnic University, and his research fields include translation and interpretation studies. In addition to publishing the above-mentioned paper, he has also published in Theory and Practice in Language Studies (another journal indexed in Scopus) a research paper on interpreting entitled "Note-taking Proficiency in Interpreting Teaching: Putting the Note-taking Fluency Scale to the Test" (as second author).

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