MPU Visits Malaysia to Establish International Collaboration in Higher Education

Macao Polytechnic University and the United Chinese School Committees’ Association of Malaysia sign a collaborative agreement

To expand international academic collaboration and student diversity, representatives of Macao Polytechnic University visited Malaysia with a delegation of Macao higher education institutions to sign a collaborative agreement with the United Chinese School Committees’ Association of Malaysia. MPU exchanged with two renowned universities, University of Malaya and Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, promoting overseas student admission, international talent cultivation, as well as collaboration in innovative research and student mobility.

The agreement signing ceremony was held at the headquarters of the United Chinese School Committees’ Association of Malaysia (Dong Zong). Professor Im Sio Kei, Rector of Macao Polytechnic University, and Mr. Tan Tai Kim, Chairman of Dong Zong, signed the agreement. Both parties established collaboration in various scopes including routes to higher education, student recruitment and diversified promotion, in the forms of exhibitions, seminars and academic consultations. The Unified Examination Certificate results are accepted as an entry pathway for attracting overseas outstanding students studying at MPU. Such an arrangement fosters a multicultural learning environment, enhancing the degree of internationalisation of Macao higher education and providing another further study options for international students.

Macao Polytechnic University visits the University of Malaya (on the left) and Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (on the right) to exchange experiences of research innovation and talent cultivation

During the visit, delegates from both parties discussed topics including dominant disciplines, further study pursuit and talent development. Significant achievements in teaching, research and community outreach at MPU facilitate its continuous development in overall competitiveness and international influence, Professor Im Sio Kei stated. The University cultivates an increasing number of innovative talents with a global mindset and cross-cultural communication skills. Mr. Tan Tai Kim pointed out that the recognition of the Unified Examination Certificate as an admission route to Macao universities gives a boost to Malaysian Chinese education and Chinese independent high schools. The signing of the agreement lays the foundation for mutually beneficial cooperation, jointly creating more opportunities for students to pursue further education internationally and promoting the development of higher education in Asia in the context of globalisation.

In addition, MPU delegates exchanged views on the latest developments of innovative research with representatives from the University of Malaya and Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, world-renowned universities in Malaysia. Interdisciplinary applied research, being one of the major strategic developments of MPU, focuses on research studies such as AI, machine translation, Portuguese language education, environment protection and intangible cultural heritage, which are powered through an array of cutting-edge facilities and technologies to promote technology transfer and patents to global applications. Delegates shared experiences in talent exchange and development, research applications and quality education with each other. They visited research infrastructures as well as teaching and learning facilities to learn more about the latest teaching and research developments of universities in Malaysia.

MPU actively extends its network of partnerships with prestigious universities and institutions globally, fostering collaborations ranging from academic exchange, collaborative research and joint laboratories to dual degree and joint programmes. Through a comprehensive talent cultivation model, the University nurtures talented, high-calibre professionals who are globally-competitive and proficient in interdisciplinary studies, enriching the talent pool for Macao and the Greater Bay Area. This visit, led by the Education and Youth Development Bureau, brought seven higher education institutions from Macao to Malaysia for exchanges of student recruitment and establishment of partnerships, optimising student population and diversity, thus promoting marketisation of Macao higher education and giving impetus to the global education industry.

The Education and Youth Development Bureau leads a delegation of Macao higher education institutions to Malaysia for international exchange and cooperation


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