Joint Admission Examination

The application procedures for rechecking of JAE results are as follows:

  • If candidates have any queries about JAE results, they can apply for score rechecking before the prescribed deadline after the release of JAE results. No late application will be accepted.
  • The application fee for score rechecking is MOP50 per subject. Application will only be processed after payment has been settled. Mathematics Supplementary Paper is considered as an individual subject.
  • The score rechecking process involves the checking by the Chief Examiner to ensure that the score of every part was given and their totals are rightly calculated as well as to confirm that every answer was being assessed.
  • The candidates will be informed by email of their rechecking results within 5 working days when the deadline is due.
  • The rechecked results will be deemed as the final score of the examination and no further appeal shall be accepted by the Four Institutions.
  • Under no circumstance shall the Four Institutions disclose the examination papers and answers of a candidate.
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