Staff Only (Intranet)

Form No. Form Name
PES-101 Human Resources - Information Form
PES-102 Banking Request for Salary and Remunerations
PES-103 Clearance Form (For termination of serving MPU)
PES-104 Full-time Academic Staff's Personal Information
PES-105 Academic Service Provider's Personal Information
PES-201 Family Allowance Application Form
PES-202 Housing/Marriage/Birth Allowance Application Form
PES-203 Passage and Baggage Allowance Application Form
PES-204 Application Form for Training Subsidies
PES-205 Application for Second Installment of Tuition Fee Subsidy for Doctoral Degree Programme
PES-206 Application Form for Transportation & Accommodation Expenses for Arriving MPU Full-Time Staff Recruited Outside Macao
PES-207 Report for Business Trip
PES-208 Application Form for Transportation Expenses for Departing MPU Full-Time Staff Recruited Outside Macao
PES-301 Absence and Annual Leave Application Form
PES-303 Reissue of Medical Card
PES-304 General Information of New Non-Resident Staff
PES-305 Application for Reimbursement of Basic Salary
PES-306 Document Application
PES-307 Worksheet For Monthly Overtime Work of Non-Teaching Staff
PES-310 Overtime Work Proposal for Non-teaching Staff
PES-312 Application for No-pay Leave
PES-403 Smart Card Reissue
PES-404 Time Attendance System - Data Notice
PES-502 Declaration of Full-time Employment
PES-503 Application / Notification for Outside Practice
PES-505 Declaration of Nomination
PES-506 Application for Teaching Activities in Other Internal Units
PES-601 Report Duty Form
PES-701 Application Form for Internal Promotion
PES-702 Proposal for Appointment of Full-time Teaching Staff
PES-704 Advertisement Plan for Full-time Academic Staff Recruitment
PES-711 Recognition of Academic Qualification
PES-714 Recusal Declaration for Members of the Staff Recruitment Committee


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