Academic Affairs Department

The Academic Affairs Department is an academic support service consisting of the Registry and the Student Affairs Office. Its major functions include:

  • Study the feasibility of potential projects to be launched by the University in areas of academic research and student activities;
  • Develop internal operating rules and procedures relevant to student management and ensure their implementation;
  • Provide coordination and administrative support to ensure the effective operation of the Senate;
  • Support and coordinate institutional academic affairs;
  • Coordinate degree programme promotion as well as relevant admission and module enrolment affairs;
  • Manage the student records of degree programmes;
  • Facilitate the issuance of diplomas, certificates, testimonials and other academic qualification related documents relevant to degree programmes and their students;
  • Provide student services relevant to campus life;
  • Organize student activities that promote students’ whole-person development;
  • Facilitate affairs relevant to scholarships, grants and student discipline;
  • Provide support services relevant to student exchange, further education and career development;
  • Promote the development of student associations, sustain institutional communication with students, and collect student feedback relevant to student affairs.
Organisational Chart
Academic Affairs Department
Head of Department - Cheong Weng Lam, Christy
Head of Registry
Evelina Maria de Souza

Students Affairs Office
Head of Office
Lao Weng Ian, Alice


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