Public Relations Office

The Public Relations Office is an administrative office.  Its major functions include:

  • Promote, maintain, and enhance the image, reputation and status of the University;
  • Assist the University to formulate international and regional development strategic plan;
  • Foster collaborations between the University and other organizations;
  • Promote communications and interactions with the public, and enhance community relations; 
  • Maintain a cordial relationship with the media, and ensure the timely distribution of the University's latest information;
  • Orangize the University's activities;
  • Undertake the receiving of guests of the University.

Being a bridge between the University and the society, the Office is mainly responsible for promoting the University at home and abroad, promoting the University's academic activities and achievements, and enhancing the profile and public awareness of the University.

As a part of public relations, the Office is also responsible for the visual identity of the University, the design and production of promotional materials, direct marketing materials and corporate advertising.

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