Administration and Finance Department

The Administration and Finance Department is an administrative department consisting of the Personnel Office and the Finance Office. Its major functions include:

  • Promote continuous optimization and streamlining of administrative operations, improve organizational quality and enhance administrative performance;
  • Responsible for the planning of human resources, and the management of administrative and financial affairs;
  • Formulate and implement internal operations manuals for personnel and financial management, and ensure their implementation;
  • Compile the University's annual activity plan, budget proposal, annual activity report and budget revision, and ensure their implementation;
  • Formulate the University’s investment and development expenditure plan, and monitor its implementation;
  • Undertake the personnel management of the University;
  • Establish and maintain personnel records;
  • Handle staff recruitment;
  • Undertake the staff training and staff benefits;
  • Calculate salary, allowances and compensation;
  • Ensure sound financial management;
  • Compile the University’s annual management accounts and related reports;
  • Prepare and update the University’s financial accounts;
  • Formulate and implement updates on the operational rules and regulations for financial activities;
  • Manage the University’s cashier related matters;
  • Receive and handle income to the University and income as permitted by law;
  • Ensure liquidity of cash flow.
Organisational Chart
Administration and Finance Department
Head of Department - Ian Ka Ieng, Louisa
Personnel Office

Head of Office 
Lai Kin Hong, Wilson

Finance Office

Head of Office
Lou Iek Fong, Vic


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