Students’ Motorcycle Car Park

  1. Vehicles are parked on a first come, first served and free of charge basis at the Chi Un Building parking lot and the Meng Tak Building Car Park.
  2. The parking lot will be open to all registered MPU students bearing valid student cards. Please fill in the “Registration Form for Use of Students' Motorcycle Parking Lot” for the first-time application. The form is available at the Security Counter at Wui Chi Building, the Reception at Administration Building, the Reception at the Pavilion and the Security Counter at Meng Tak Building, or click here.
  3. Opening hours of parking: 07:30~23:50. All vehicles must be removed before closing time. Overnight parking is only allowed with special authorization.
  4. Administrative and security staff have the right to check students’ cards as necessary, and in instances where the student cannot provide one, administrative and security staff have the right to prohibit the student from using the Car Park. Please read carefully the “Regulations for the Management of Students' Motorcycle Parking Areas”.
  5. For any queries, please contact the Campus Maintenance and Development Office at 8599 6185 or email
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